Chapter 6

Rome was in its full vibrancy, beaming with life and entertainment.

A day back, Renhad sneaked into Constantinople, the imperial city of the Eastern Empire.

A short distance away, a brown mongrel was trailing him. It was the same one that had lost its companion five days back, and which was nearly killed by rascals.

Not that Renwas oblivious to its presence. He had attempted to chase it away, at least initially, aware of the dangers that lay ahead of him in Rome. However, the dog was smart, and incredibly persistent. It ran away each time the Assassino lost patience, and then returned within a couple of hours, guided by its sense of smell.

Fortunately, stray dogs roaming in Rome was not a conspicuous sight.

After all, Rome was one of the few European territories yet to be torched by the Huns’ fury.

However, unlike the two previous states that Ren had been to, there was not a great hint of nervousness among the Roman citizens triggered by the impending invasion.

Perhaps the apathy was in part due to the belief that Rome had never been defeated by any barbaric tribes before, regardless of their brutality.

Or it could have been due to the fact that the Huns had been held up in battle in Aquileia, and appeared unlikely to reach Rome within the next two months.

But from hearsay, Ren knew that the main reason had to do with one man.
The Roman general named Marcos Arelis.

He was said to be the consummate warrior - a supreme fighter and a charismatic strategist able to galvanize people for the Roman cause.

Exactly how skillful he was, Rendid not know.

And if things were to go his way, he hoped he would never have to know.



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