Chapter 1

A bright, burning meteorite flashed past the dark sky, lit only by a strange pentagonal alignment of five stars.

Almost immediately, less than a split second later, the loud shrills of a newly-born baby was heard piercing through the quiet night. It was the second grandchild born to King Tuzuk, the leader of a small Hunnic tribe.

Soothsayers who had witnessed the sight were unanimous in their predictions. “My lord,” they said. “This boy is an extraordinary mortal sent from heavens. When he grows up, he would take the world by storm, bringing to our tribe unprecedented prosperity, while setting the Earth on fire, and casting his adversaries into hell.”

Some thirty years later, they were to be proven right.

The child, named Leo, was now the King of a huge group of united Huns, numbering more than a quarter million fighting men. Worshipped as God by his people, and feared by every other known civilization, he and his army fought through Gaul, conquering one city after another, annihilating most of their inhabitants along the way, and leaving behind devastations never seen before in mankind.

But Gaul was small reward compared to the ultimate prize – Rome.

And Leo was now only a few states away from the Eternal City.


Very, very close.


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